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Karnak has been tested with docker 19.03 and docker-compose 1.22.

  1. Download karnak repository
  2. Execute to generate the secrets required by Karnak
  3. Adapt all the *.env files if necessary
  4. Start docker-compose with Docker commands (or create docker-compose service)

Docker commands

Commands from the root of this repository.

  • Update docker images (version defined into docker-compose.yml next to osirixfoundation/karnak:): docker-compose pull
  • Start a docker-compose: docker-compose up -d
  • Stop a docker-compose: docker-compose down
  • Stop and remove volume of a docker-compose (reset all the data): docker-compose down -v
  • docker-compose logs: docker-compose logs -f
  • Karnak’s logs: sudo docker exec -it CONTAINERID bash
    cd logs


You can generate the secrets with the script available at the root of the karnak-docker repository (adapt the script to your system if necessary).

Note: These following secrets are stored in files and use the environment variables ending with _FILE (see ‘Environment variables’ below)

Before starting docker-compose make sure that the secrets folder and the secrets defined in the karnak-docker repository exist


If you want to inject your own log configuration, you will find more details in the KARNAK logs section.